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PHOTOS FROM THE 1970's - 80's

 The Interior of the Church in 1978

 Fr. Michel Gigord saying mass

 Stanley Bates, Audrey Wong presenting offering to Fr. Michel

 Fr. Michel with Sr. Lucia, Sr. Patricia, Sr. Noel, Sr. Regina Rocke and Louis Yeo

 Sr. Angeline Tan, Mabelle, Sr. Catherine, Fr. Stephen Liew, Catherine Lee, Peter Su, Angeline Ho, Sr. Bernadette 

 Dr. Mrs Miranda and Sr. Lina

 Fr. M. Surmon and Fr. Michel Gigord at the farewll party for Fr. Michel in 1978
Some parishioners with Bishop Soter Fernandez and FMM sisters at the front of the FMM Convent


First Church (now Father's House) built by Fr. Guittat in 1950

Christmas Play during the 60's 

FMM Sisters and parishioners greeting Bishop Francis Chan, first Bishop of Penang 

Fr. Tavennac with the Church choir 

Attending mass in the new church 

The 'new' Church built by Fr. Tavennac 

Interior of the new church in 1960's till 1980's

Children's concert (Josephine Foong on the right) 

Fr. Tavennac with the FMM Sisters and school children

Confirmation and First  Holy Communion 

Young Fr. Surmon

young Fr. Surmon

Bishop Francis Chan, First Bishop of Penang Diocese

Fr. Jean Tavennac, in front of the foundation of the new church being built in 1964-65

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