Sunday, 6 October 2019

69th Anniversary Parish Feastday 2019

Friday, 4th October 2019

            The Church of Our Lady of Fatima of the Holy Rosary Kota Bharu celebrated her 69th Anniversary this evening beginning with Rosary and Novena at 5.00 pm. The Eucharist was concelebrated by Rev. Fr. Patrick Masang, C.Ss.R. and Fr. Francis Andrew. The theme for today’s celebration was “Loving your mission”. Fr. Patrick Masang had been invited by the parish for this year’s Parish Feastday celebration.
            On the First day of the Triduum, Wednesday, 2nd October, Fr. Masang preached on the theme: “Finding your mission” reminding us that we need to know our mission in life – our vocation. On the second day, he preached on the theme: “Living Your Mission” – giving examples of great men and women throughout history such as Mother Teresa,and Nelson Mandela. He taught us an African word -“UBUTU” –  which means ‘coming together as one in community.’
            In all his homilies during the Triduum, Fr. Masang reminded us that Mary, who embraced her call by God to be the mother of Jesus, our Saviour, living and loving her mission daily and at the crucifixion, Jesus gave her to be our mother. We were reminded that each  of us has also been given gifts and talents for building up the church.
            After the mass, all parishioners and a busload of pilgrims from KL and PJ led by Mr. Clement Chan from St. Ignatius Church, PJ, joined in a prayerful procession following a beautifully decorated float with a statue of Our Lady of Fatima round the church compound. This year, there was no street procession as the state of Kelantan was in mourning on the demise of the late Sultan.
            The celebrations concluded with Benediction and speeches by the Feastday Committee chairman, Mr. Joseph Wang and the parish priest, Fr. Francis Andrew.
            Finally, guests and parishioners were treated to a real ‘feast’ of  kambing golek’ or Roasted lamb – sponsored by the pilgrims and beef rending and other dishes.
            Our thanks to Fr. Patrick Masang for his beautiful, spirited homilies imbued by the Holy Spirit, touching the hearts of his listeners. And Thank you to every member of the 69th Paish Feast day committee who gave their best to make this year’s celebration a joyful and successful one.

By Joseph Wang

(Photo credits :Billy Teoh)

Beautifully decorated Our Lady of Fatima

The beautifully decorated Altar

First Day of Parish Feastday Triduum, - Wednesday 2nd October 2019

Our guest preacher, Fr. Patrick Masang, C.Ss.R. 

Second  Day of the [parish Feastday Triduum, Thursday 3rd  Oct - Theme: Living Your Mission"

69th Anniversary Parish Feast Day Celebrations

Friday, 4th October 2019

The fully packed church

The Celebration of The Eucharist

Gina Sanchez Lai, First Lector

Nicholas Narin  Martin

Agnes Lee, Commentator
Daniel Chan, pianist and David Pereira - organist and the choir

Consecration of the Eucharist

The Procession of Our Lady of Fatima

Benediction after the procession

Speech by Parish Feastday Committee 2019 Chairman, Joseph Wang

Gerard Yeo, PPC chairman presenting a gift to Fr. Patrick Masang

Muscians - Drummer and pianist Daniel Chan and organist David (below)

More relaxing way of feasting !

Alter Servers group photo

Kambing Golek or Roast Lamb

Parishioners helping themselves to the feast!