Saturday, 9 May 2015

Triple Celebration of Parents' Day, Pesta Gawai and Keamatan

Yesterday, the parish celebrated 3 events: Parents' Day,  Pesta Gawai and Pesta Keamatan. It was a grand celebration with mass concelebrated by Rev. Fr. Michael Dass (one of our former parish priest 2003-2004) with His Lordship, Rt. Rev. Sebastian Francis ( who is the Parish Administrator).
Two girls dressed in splendid cultural dress led the entrance procession. The theme of the day: "God's Spirit of Love" reminds us that we are the fruits of our Parents' love and God's love. Let's pray for all parents - Fathers and Mothers that they may continue to be our guiding light in our journey of life.
In addition, we are celebrating  2 great festivals - Pesta Gawai for our Sarawakian parishioners and Pesta Keamatan for our Sabahan brothers and sisters.  The offertory procession was a special event as little children brought gifts of the harvest - rice, water, plants, flowers and fruits followed by a cultural dance. After the mass, parishioners were treated to a variety of food for breakfast and entertained by the children who performed several dances for their parents and parishioners.
It was indeed a splendid celebration filled with joy and fun. May God continue to bless our parents, and our Sawarakian and Sabahan friends!