Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Marriage Renewal at NEW YEAR EVE MASS

This Year 2013 has been a grand year...a Year of Faith, a year of Hope and  a year of Love.  At the New Year Eve Mass, 19 couples from the parish renewed their Marriage vows as they committed themselves and their families to God. Many Thanks to Fr. Robert for this initiative.....................

God created Man and Woman in His own Image. God is Love and "where there is God there is Love... and where there is Love there is God"

May our families continue to live in love, consecrated to God everyday and May His Blessings be upon all of us as we enter into the New Year....

                                            (Photos courtesy of Josephine Teo and Esther Song)

The 19 Couples who renewed their Marriage Vows at the New Year Eve Mass with Fr. Robert (Centre)
The Renewal of Marriage Vows by the couples present

The couples exchanging their vows along the aisle
Some of the re-newed couples with their children

The pretty 're-ne-w-ed' brides (who is the prettiest of them all?).......and ( below)

The handsome  new-ly 're-ne-wed' Grooms (Who is the handsomest of them all?)

Fr. Robert with the happy couples...

Renewing their Marriage Vows 

Fr. Robert blessing all the married couples..as "Showers of Blessing" is sung by the choir

"You may kiss the bride" says Fr. Robert immediately after the exchange of vows

Dr. Hady and his wife and daughter

Some of the 're-newed' couples posing for their photos...

Andrew and Maria Kang's family
Francis, Isabella and Gina Lai

Wednesday, 25 December 2013


The Parish would like to say a Big 'THANK YOU" to KCYS (Kelantan Catholic Youth Society)  for their unfailing support as part of the community throughout the years, especially in 2013. Wishing all of you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS. May you make Fatima Church your second Home away from home and May God continue to bless you in your time here with us. 

(The following photos are taken with permission from the Album: Our Journey to Christmas 2013 by Grace Lee)
Our Beloved Spiritual Director, Fr. Robert Daniel and our beloved  Coordinator, Sr. Jackie

Here we go round the Giant Christmas Tree, the tallest free-standing tree in Fatima Hall!

A lot of hard work helping out at the Fatima Fancy Dress Christmas Party, but we enjoyed ourselves!!

We went carolling for 3 nights from 20 - 22nd December, bringing cheer to parishioners!!

"PEACE" Peace on Earth to People of Goodwill.....

Had lots of fun and delicious food!! Yummy....

Practising and rehearsing for the  Fatima Youth Choir...

Pamela:says' "This is My FAMILY in Kota Bharu" (foto courtesy of Pamela)

Our Christmas Crib  ( Foto Courtesy of Esther Song)

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Wishing all readers A Blessed Christmas

Tallest Free-standing Christmas Tree in Fatima Hall

Beautiful 2013 Christmas Crib built by KCYS Youths